Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Product List Post


Jess T. : Britney Spears
CDs, DVDs, posters, dolls
Amanda Ganza: American Idol
CDs, DVDs, video games, karaoke, DVD games
Amanda Di Bartolo: Emo Music
Kristian Elvina: Gender Issues in Pro Sports
Sports games, Olympics, posters, bobble heads, trading cards
Katelyn Rasmus Hollywood Female Ideologies
Movies, Magazines, posters, books
Melissa Z. : Flavor of Love
Seasons on DVD
Kristin Castaldo: Gender and Desperate Housewives
Seasons on DVD, cookbook, video games, calendars, games, books,
posters, charm bracelets, t-shirts
Liz: Desperate Housewives
Seasons on DVD, cookbook, video games, calendars, games, books,
posters, charm bracelets, t-shirts
Nicole: Grey's Anatomy
Seasons on DVD, CDs, calendars, books, posters
Spencer Harbo: The Office
Seasons on DVD
Lauren Pannucci: Ali G Show
Seasons on DVD, books
Mark Bolen: Seinfeld
Seasons on DVD, t-shirts, books
Dan Galazeski: Scrubs
Seasons on DVD, CDs
Jess B. : Family Guy
Seasons on DVD, posters, video games, Monopoly
Pat DiGiacchino: Family Guy
Seasons on DVD, posters, video games, Monopoly
Leo: Gender & Anime
DVDs, TV shows, cartoons
Kyle Gafgen: South Park
Seasons on DVD, video games, posters
Tara Bruni: South Park
Seasons on DVD, video games, posters
Erin D. : America's Next Top Model
Seasons on DVD, posters, postcards
Beauty & The Geek
Seasons on DVD

Class Blog Topics


Class Blog Topics~ feel free to comment if i spelled your name wrong or you have updated/changed your topic!

Name Blog Topic
Jessica T, Britney Spears

Jessica B, Family Guy
Jessica B, 24
Amanda G, American Idol
Melissa Z, Flavor of Love
Erin D, America's Next Top Model
Darling C, Women in all media
Amanda D, Emo Music
Spencer H, The Office
Lauren P, Da Ali G Show
Katelyn R, Hollywood Female Ideology
Michelle L, Adverts related to Viewers
Devon M, Beauty and the Geek
Jennifer M, None Yet
Melissa M, Oprah
Leo M, Gender and Anime
Kristin C, Gender, Desperate Housewives
Alexandra A, Gender Representation in Ads
Pat D, Family Guy
Kristian E, Gender, Professional Sports
Kyle G, South Park
Tara B, South Park
Mark B, Seinfeld
Dan G, Scrubs
Nicole U, Grey's Anatomy


Top Blog Topic/Site Searches

Paris Hilton
Antonella Barba
Clay Aiken
Ze Frank

Top Favorited Blogs

Boing Boing: A Directory of Wonderful Things1,585 members
Techcrunch1,154 members
Lifehacker, the Productivity and Software Guide991 members
43 Folders979 members
Make Money Online with ProBlogger Blog Tips888 members

Also have top searches such as top video, top news, and top movies

Compared to our class's blog topic which include a variety of TV shows, non reality comedies and satires, and various celebrity icons such as Britney Spears and Ali G. What this says about our class compared to the Internet community as a whole is that we as a younger based and more aware fo the gender implications in things such as South Park or Britney Spears's seemingly trivial life. This also all says something about popular culture in some way, considering the region we live in, class structure, and gender makeup of our class (class mostly female)

Monday, March 19, 2007

Summary Report: March 12, 2007 - March 19, 2007


3/12-3/19 Summary Report:

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Summary Chart
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3/19 Recent Vistor Map:

3/19 Visitor Lengths of Stays

Popular Pages:

Came From

Visitors by Country

Summary Report: March 5, 2007 - March 12, 2007


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Summary Chart
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Codes E-mailed to Class


StatCounter Instructions:

  • Copy and paste the following code into the text area of an “Add Page Element” under the HTML/JavaScript category, and remove any of the stars (*). Then save the changes to your blog.

  • <*!-- Start of StatCounter Code -->
    <*script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
    *var sc_project=2327362;
    *var sc_invisible=0;
    *var sc_partition=21;
    *var sc_security="7794369f";
    *var sc_remove_link=1;

    <*script language="javascript" src="" type="text/javascript"><*/script><*noscript><*img border="0" alt="counter easy hit" src=""/> <*/noscript>
    <*!-- End of StatCounter Code --><*br/><*a href="">View My Stats<*/a>

    Technorati Instructions
  • Copy and paste the following code into the text area of an “Add Page Element” under the HTML/JavaScript category. Change INSERT-URL-HERE to your blog’s URL. Then save the changes to your blog.

  • <*script src="" type="text/javascript"><*/script>

    <*a href=" INSERT-URL-HERE "><*img alt="Add to Technorati Favorites" src=""/><*/a>
    <*script src="" type="text/javascript"><*/script><*a class="tr-linkcount" href="INSERT-URL-HERE">View blog reactions<*/a>

    Keywords E-mail Sent to Class:
    Keywords are the way that potential viewers search for your blog on a search engine.
    If you do not have the right keywords on your blog, potentially interested people
    may never actually find it. This website (free, from Google - no sign up required!) asks you to put in a few terms that you think relate to your blog and then it will suggest many different keywords (and also give you the stats on those keywords) that could improve your search performance.

    Revised StatCounter Portion of Plan



    Note: Google Analytics Portion of the previous plan was changed to portion, due to user-friendly capabilities and more interesting features. Thus, the revised plan was as follows:
    StatCounter analyses

  • Eventually provide weekly reports on the class's blogs as a whole

  • Provide reports by request to members of the class on their personal blogs

  • Provide geographical summary of our visitors' locations

  • Timeline:
  • 3/1 - Sign up for StatCounter account and figure out basics

  • 3/4 - Send class StateCounter code to paste on their sites

  • 3/4-3/19 - Field student requests for analyses

  • 3/12 - Create summary report on class blogs

  • 3/19 - Create summary report on class blogs

  • 3/19 - Post reports to MPE Team Blog
  • Tuesday, March 13, 2007

    Proposal for Team Plan #1


    Marketing and Political Economy Team
    Proposal for Team Plan #1
    February 26, 2007

    Team Roles
    § Amanda G– Leader – responsible for planning and oversight of plan to completion
    § Jessica Bel – Speaker/Presenter – responsible for midterm presentation
    § Jessica T – Liaison – responsible for fielding requests, questions, etc from students
    § Jessica Bas – Writer – responsible for ensuring all groupwork is typed and on the team’s Google group team page by the deadline
    § Erin D and Melissa Z– Innovators – responsible for creative thinking, as well as researching and developing new ideas and techniques for the group’s focus and work

    Finding new ways to analyze the sales and marketing of popular culture online and generating ways to intervene in the production of cultural commodities and consumerism.

    § Blog Topic Analysis
    o Compare the blog topics chosen by our class to the most popular blog topics (using sites such as Technorati)
    o Analyze how our blog topics indicate what we are most exposed to
    o Timeline:
    § 3/2 - Sign up for and figure out the basics of Technorati
    § 3/5 – Compile/post a list of the class’s blog topics
    § 3/10 – Compile/post a list of the most popular blog topics and compare to class’s list
    § 3/19 – Post analysis of blog topics’ relations to our exposure to pop culture
    § Google Analytics analyses
    o Eventually provide biweekly marketing analytics reports on the Class Blog (
    o Provide reports by request* to members of the class on their personal blogs
    o Tie this in to AdSense if the student has embedded it on his or her blog
    o Timeline:
    § 2/27 – Sign up for Google Analytics account and figure out basics
    § 3/1 – Send class Analytics code to paste on their sites
    § 3/2 – 3/19 – Field student requests for analyses
    § 3/5 – Post report on Class Blog
    § 3/9 – Post report on Class Blog
    § 3/19 – Post report on Class Blog
    § AdSense
    o Keep track of which ads come up on certain blogs with AdSense (possibly use Clipmarks with help of the Buzz team)
    o Intervene in consumerism by initiating an AdSense ad type of the week, asking all students to search each other’s blogs and click on these types of ads – used as a tactic to punish undesirable companies by making them pay the blog owners for “clicks” that will never actually lead to product purchase
    o Timeline:
    § 2/28 – Compile list of which blogs have AdSense and begin a list of the ads listed on each of them
    § 2/29 – 3/19 – Continually add to lists of ads, periodically post interesting ones or provide reports at students’ requests*
    § 3/1 – Announce first weekly ad type
    § 3/8 – Announce second weekly ad type
    § 3/19 – Provide comprehensive list of all ads on all blogs with adsense
    § Products/Memorabilia/Consumer Spending
    o Search the web for products and memorabilia related to the topics of the class’s blogs, provide summaries of products and pricing for students’ analytical use
    o Research websites that track consumer spending for certain products related to students’ blogs – either provide links to these sites for student use, or provide consumer spending reports at students’ requests*
    o Research ways for students to advertise relevant materials on their blogs
    o Timeline:
    § 3/2 – Compile list of students’ blog topics which have related products or memorabilia
    § 3/5 – Search web and compile a list for these products and prices
    § 3/8 – Post list of websites tracking consumer spending (if any) for student use
    § 3/8 – 3/19 – Field student requests* for consumer spending reports, periodically post interesting reports
    § 3/19 – Post a compilation of ways students can advertise desired materials on their blogs